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King Kong the Movie – Star Studded Tailor Made Beauty and the Beast Story

I have just seen the 2005 version of King Kong, what a film. While it may be 4 years old at this time it resembled a film that could have only been released yesterday. I have to say it is a masterpiece, even though Peter Jackson has based it on the 1933 version.I have now seen all three versions and Peter Jackson’s is without doubt the undisputed champion of champions. If you are a Monster Movie buff or just looking for a good film that will hold your attention from start to finish this is a must see film for all.

It still has the excitement and vigour of its predecessor with Kong being the creature of legend on the remote skull island, shrouded in mist with the beast kept at bay by a hundred foot wall.The creatures encountered by the rescue team make Jurassic Park seem like a Walt Disney film. The special effects are among some of the best I have ever witnessed.However I am sure if you know the original story of King Kong you will be more than aware of the final outcome, but in order to reach this stage Kong undergoes some of the most tremendous and often bloody battles in order to protect and save his hearts-desire, Ann Darrow (Played by Naomi Watts). Naomi is a fantastic actress and plays her part exceptionally well.Adrien Brody plays the part of, Jack Driscoll, the man who is trying to save Ann from Kong and along the way he too has his fair share of close shaves with this awesome animal.But rest assured you will need your tissues, be you man, boy or lady there will be no escape from the hearty indulgence of loving this Beast, and as aggressive as Kong first appears and acts towards ALL in his opening sequences you will shouting at the screen to spare him further pain as the film draws to a close.

Guaranteed to put a lump in your throat the size of an orange by the time the curtain closes.And the Prophet said – - And, lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty.And it stayed its hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead.”Old Arabian Proverb”